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Emirates Business Ambassadors is a platform for an Elite community where you can see a big gathering between all sectors; government, semi-government and private international companies and this is the first time we honored companies by Ambassadors title for their business.

Why Ambassadors

Emirates Business Ambassadors is a platform for an Elite community where you can see a big gathering between all sectors; government, semi-government and private international companies and this is the first time we honored companies by Ambassadors title for their business.

Ambassador title was firstly created in Italy in the revolution era exactly in the 17th century, where a very selective characters who are really qualified and knowledgeable were chosen with fully trust to represent their countries in different fields. We are inspired from this idea we are fully proud to be the leaders in making a new history for this title by choosing the hard workers, the achievers and the Visionaries to be a Business Ambassadors and create the high international standards to be followed by the business community. In any area in the world where there is the right environment for these achievers and competitors, visionaries and decision makers were gathered will reflect the development and the growth of this area by the distinguished high standards and the wise vision of their leaders.

Dubai is a platform and a hub where all the international companies were gathered and developed hand to hand by making a new achievements, creating a job opportunities and rise with the level of lifestyle, all this create from Dubai a business capital for the whole world which is characterized by the high level of safety, unique infrastructure and high standards of lifestyle and this is the new standards of the Business Ambassadors to be implemented wherever they go.

These companies are the leaders and achievers and put them fingerprint to be a part of our lifestyle by creating and adopting these standards.

Sponsoring our event and advertising the company logo it’s not only a new media campaign for it but it is also a reflection of the efforts, accomplishments and the unique implementation of Business Ambassador Standard for those leaders.

Company Selection

We choose international and local companies which have a very high competitive standards to represent their fields as Ambassadors.

After a long study and research done by our committee, they highly recommend for us a list of companies from different sectors (government, semi-government, international and local) and this recommendation was based on:

  • Semi-government companies where their projects and business is going along with the government vision and requirements.
  • Local companies has a distinguished achievements that leading it to an international level.
  • International companies with high standards for excellence and accomplishments and who can provide a trust-based services to the community.
  • New international companies has recently started their business in UAE.

The choice of the community to your company was more than enough for us to choose you as an Ambassador for them in this international prestigious event.

E.B.A Benefits

Through the participation in this event you can get many benefits that matches the company vision along with your target.

Media exposure by honoring the company with ambassador title and leader in your field representing the cooperation between the government and the privet sector in the UAE.

  • Support the international relationship with other VIP’s.
  • Communicate with the right people locally and internationally.
  • recite a speech about your company in front of well-known decision maker, chairmen, CEO’s and governmental representatives, and directors from all active fields and sectors.Follow up after conference for three month by arranging three meeting with any VIP’s, Dignitaries, Decision Makers, CEO’s, Chairmen or governmental representatives from the list that will be provided to the company before one month of the event.This platform is characterized by the presence of the elite community which will enlarge the circle of PR for your company.
  • Use the Ambassador Title in all the company communication with the media which will reflect the high standards that the company has and the trust-based relationship with all the different sectors locally and internationally.
  • Providing the best VIP media campaign for your company to give a well-deserved introduction about your company in the elite community which will reflect the strong strategy and vision that the company has.
  • We guarantee the proper networking platform with high standards.
  • The media campaign, Branding and the Speech that we are providing to the company will give a strong overview on the development of the private sector and reflect its high positive influence on the community which is already going along with the company vision.
  • Your presence in this conference reflect the high standards of lifestyle in UAE as much as the development of the community and the development of this high standards of lifestyle on it.
  • Your support to this program and your presence in UAE between a big community of Business men assure the importance of the region and the strategic role of the country that have a big contribution in developing the investments with what it have from a high international standards that rise hand to hand by the company and the country to an international level.


The ceremony will be held in Dubai

The Palm Atlantis Hotel,
Atlantis Ballroom
Date: 28-May, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. (Dubai Time)

Emirates Ambassadors 2014 and our sponsors

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List of the speakers

  • H.H. Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum.
  • H.E. Abdullatif Al Mullah (Smart city Chairman).
  • H.E. Hussain Al Qemzi (Noor Bank CEO).

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